Uniform thought process

There has been a lot of debate on whether we really need uniforms in school. With so many changes in the education domain right from policy, to content, to pedagogy, to its application we all are evolving. It’s time to think about whether we need to check the essence of uniform as an integral part of schooling years.

With the same thoughts, we did a survey amongst teachers, staff, and discussed the same with PTA members. Based on the results we would like to propose a uniform policy for PGKM.

Yes, the uniform might not be what the student would wear on their own, but it gives them a sense of belonging, takes away the pressure of what to wear. It may also give them a society recognition and helps to differentiate themselves from others. Yes, uniforms help them to be equal with all in a classroom and also avoid distractions in the class.

But at the same time, uniforms can restrict students’ freedom of expression and unknowingly promotes conformity over individuality. Gurukul education system was predominant in India. We were more civilised, educated in a true sense way before the word or picture of a uniform was carved. It is time to go back to our roots. It is time to focus more on the crux of content than merely its appearance. It’s time to choose what we want our children to be, a leader or just a follower.

From Nursery till 2nd - wear uniform on all days

Children are small, they need more exposure to decide on the correct dress code.They also need to be quickly tracked and hence to inculcate the value of we all are equal and need to treat each other the same, they would wear uniform on all days.

Grade 3 to 5: 4 times a week

(Uniform days: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri) Non-Uniform day – (Wed) Children have now become accustomed to school routines. They have started analysing things that they like. They need to be given the opportunity to make small decisions and live up to it.

Grade 6 to 8: 3 times a week

(Uniform days: Mon, Wed, Fri) Non-Uniform day – (Tue, Thur) Children are maturing, they now need to be shown an appropriate way to dress themselves for an occasion. Hence, they need to know when to wear a sports dress, when to dress up in formals and when they can have a casual dress up that will make them more comfortable.

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