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At PGKM, we combine modern education with the traditional Gurukul schooling format in a day-boarding system and principles alongside the mastery of technology.

PGKM - an Alpha Generation School

  • PGKM is an Alpha Generation School, functioning as a launchpad for future leaders, innovators, and change-makers.
  • Beyond being an educational institution, PGKM encourages young minds to explore, question, and dream.
  • The school provides tools and guidance for students to transform their dreams into reality.
  • It goes beyond traditional education, actively shaping the future of its students.
  • PGKM is more than just an educator; it is a catalyst for nurturing the potential of the Alpha Generation.

Welcome to PGKM

Wake up the Genius in your child

PGKM encourages the holistic development of young minds by providing them with food for their thought & practical exposure to technology.

Our Memorable Events

What Sets us Apart


Self Designed Textbooks


Tiffinless, Bagless , Stressless


Gurukul Based Value System


Tech-enabled theme classrooms


Foreign languages


Collaborative learning with SIG


Nurturing Students Hobbies

Unlocking Your Child's Potential at PGKM - Here's Why!

CBSE Curriculum with self designed textbooks

Dedicated and Experienced Faculty

A Safe and Inclusive Learning Environment

Thoughtfully Designed Classrooms.

Parent-Teacher Collaboration for Student Success

Diverse and Inclusive Learning Community

Parent Testimonials

“It was wonderful watching all the kids and of course the credit goes to all the teachers and non teaching staff... All your efforts were appreciated by the parents... Not only our children are happy in the school but we parents are also happy about the school.. memorable event indeed”

Dev Jain

“Superb event.Perfect theme for children's well managed and organized management, Different kinds of emotions which are portrayed by decoration and dance play.Special thanks to teachers efforts for making this event a grand success ”

Mayank Shah

“Amazing event, hats off to teachers…your efforts were really appreciated. It was wonderful watching all the performances. Thank you so much ”

Awishkaa Sarda

“Superb show. Hats off to the teachers, management and non teaching staff for making this event a grand success. Special thanks to all the teachers. Your efforts are highly appreciated. Congratulations ”

Siddh Nahar

“Awesome fabulous event. Ultimate costume seamless management everything went so smooth _ not even a single kid cried or got scared that level of confidence the teacher gave to our kids _ A beautifully executed function_. efforts gave its fruit thanks to class teachers and all the staff management, everyone.. We owe you ”

Ritika Chajed
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