Admissions Open for June 2023-24 - Nursery to Class 7th

Here we Introduce PGKM School - an Ultra Modern Gurukul

We want you to consider PGKM School for your child for the 5 major reasons

Here are a few pointers to dive deeper

Ultra-modern education methods to prepare your child for not just 2022 but 2040
Today’s kids are gadget-pros! Why not build an education system that channelizes this?
Value-based education that meets our vision of creating a safe learning environment for your smart & creative children and future entrepreneurs.
Prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow, who understand the changing dynamics of society and grow along with it.
Collaborative Learning - Special Interest Groups to cater to your child’s unique interests and help them grow as an individual and realize their career path from a young age.
We want your child to have a clear vision for their future.
Alpha-Gen Entrepreneurial training to prepare your child to face the world.
We don’t want your child to struggle with digital transactions, finances, marketing, foreign languages, and other much-needed skills of today.
Freshly Prepared Meals: We want your child to have the taste of a rich-cultural diversity during her school lunch-time.
They do not only eat fresh & hot food but also learn table etiquette & culinary manners. Could this get any better?


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