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The Poona Gujrati Kelvani Mandal

“The Poona Gujarati Kelvani Mandal”, our parent institution is an educational and charitable institution established in 1926. The Mandal started its school in 1936. The organization started its junior college A. D. B. Dadawala junior college in 1975. The Haribhai. V. Desai College of Commerce began in 1984 and Masters in commerce faculty began in 1992. The undergraduate Arts and Science faculty began in 1993. Today the Mandal views itself as a service provider organization from “KG to Research” allied with Technical and Vocational Training. The organization is proud of its excellent educational environment and the finest teaching community. The organization is an asset to Pune’s educational culture.


Nitin bhai was born in Pune. After completing his school education from RCM Gujarati School he left for Anand to study engineering. Later he went to America to obtain his masters degree in for environmental engineering from The Michigan University which is considered to be one of the best in the world.
Mr. Nitin bhai Desai has a special affinity for success. He has stakes in chemicals, healthcare, real estate and food processing industries. More than one lac people are directly or indirectly employed in his companies.
Advising young entrepreneurs Nitin bhai says there is no substitute for hard work in business. Youth should take up opportunity if they come across one, he adds. If one is willing to do hard work and gets a good opportunity, what is required is a sense of dedication. If it is a good venture, there is never dearth of funds.
Nitin bhai even looks beyond business. He is actively involved and supports activities in the field of education, medicine and environment. Currently Shri Nitin bhai leads the PGK Mandal. About a 100 years ago, PGKM understood the importance of imparting quality education for Independent India of the 20th century and started its journey in 1926 in the field of education. Today, PGKM begin its journey again, to redefine the school education to create the empowered citizens of the 21st century.

Philosophy of Day-Boarding

Day boarding Vs a Residential School

Residential schools are a tradition of ancient India – the Gurukul system has been around since documented history where the students and teacher become an extended family. The students resided with the guru for the entire period of education completely away from their own families. However, we believe that in the changing times, students need to develop a close bond with their parents. They need to pick up values and develop emotional ties with their own families as well. They should be well versed with their own customs, traditions and beliefs. For all this, it is essential that the child lives at home. Parents and relatives should interact with the child. The child should hang around them, observe their habits, understand family relations and personalities, learn about their own Customs and traditions. Bottom line – We firmly believe that a child learns a lot from the family as well and should spend enough time with family in the formative years, hence a day-boarding school.

Day boarding Vs a 5-hour day school

In a traditional teaching environment, the teacher reads out the lesson in class, explains the difficult words, may repeat the lesson once more and marks the answers or dictates them in class. That is the end of that lesson and they move on to the next lesson. The PGKM Way seeks to expose children to concepts in a systematic way. There is a discussion, an activity, a thinking and debating session, sessions where they are shown different media on the topic and then writing and concluding. For all this, it takes a little longer than the traditional approach. And academics are not the only thing we want to develop in the children. We have designed a program where children need to be physically active for about an hour everyday. When this happens, they need more meals – and we believe in providing them with square meals and wholesome snacks. So that adds in a little more time too. The co-curricular activities like drawing, craft, music are intense. And to add to that we have a well-structured program of labs, computers, drama and other things, which are a necessity in today’s world. We believe that with these things, a student learns to deal with constraints, and learns to control emotions, which are essential life skills. All these activities make The PGKM Way school day longer than usual. But, the time spent is well utilized and the child is at a much greater advantage than any regular school.


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