An Ultra Modern Gurukul

for Alpha Generation

On a mission to Prepare your child for life and careers in 2047 and beyond.

Igniting Passion in Young Minds

Restructuring Creativity & Concept Strengthening Beyond Textbooks

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An Ultra-modern Gurukul

A day boarding school which keeps pace with latest trends in technology not compromising on Indian value system

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Nurturing needs of alpha minds

Various interventions are planned throughout the day keeping in mind the needs of generation alpha and millennial parents.

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Fun and Fitness Fusion: Crafting Strength and Stamina for a Vibrantly Healthy students!

Not everyone can be a sportman, but defintely each one of us can be fit.

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Healthy Nourishment

Fueling Bodies by developing taste buds with healthy traditional and global cuisines to sustain independently

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Bagless School

Embrace Freedom, Learn Unburdened: Bagless School with Personal Lockers for Every Child!

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Academic Excellence Through Waywise Learning

Each child is unique and has their own way of learning things

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Theme Based Classroom

All classrooms are equipped with subject specific resources where transitions helps to break monotony and each class starts with a fresh mind

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Choice Based Hobbies

I get to choose and decide what I want to pursue as my hobby from a wide spectrum and not what world wants me to choose from limited options

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Me Time

Its my time to choose what I want to do

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Tailored Made Textbooks

Tailormade Textbooks, Aligned with NEP - NCF thus redefining Learning Excellence!"

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Saturday Sankalpana Sessions

Elevate Understanding, Ignite Creativity and Unleashing Concept Strengthening Beyond Textbooks at the Grassroot Level – Where Learning Takes Flight!

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Multilinguism Need For Effective Communication

Diverse Voices, Unified Learning: Embrace the Symphony of Languages

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Canteen- a Global Classroom

Theme of the month where national and global cuisines Unfold Stories of History, Geography, Politics, and Nature!

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Field Trips

It is a field trip and not merely a picnic. Enhancing experiential learning by visiting diverse places

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Home Economics lab

Learn basic skills to manage your home independently

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Events and Celebrations

Moments and opportunities to celebrate acheivements and deepen social skills

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Staff Training

Educators are trained regularly to upgrade their knowledge and skills to match the requirement of alpha generations

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Hygiene and Secure Environment

No compromise on hygiene and safety in school premises

Our Memorable Events

Parent Testimonials

“It was wonderful watching all the kids and of course the credit goes to all the teachers and non teaching staff... All your efforts were appreciated by the parents... Not only our children are happy in the school but we parents are also happy about the school.. memorable event indeed”

Dev Jain

“Superb event.Perfect theme for children's well managed and organized management, Different kinds of emotions which are portrayed by decoration and dance play.Special thanks to teachers efforts for making this event a grand success ”

Mayank Shah

“Amazing event, hats off to teachers…your efforts were really appreciated. It was wonderful watching all the performances. Thank you so much ”

Awishkaa Sarda

“Superb show. Hats off to the teachers, management and non teaching staff for making this event a grand success. Special thanks to all the teachers. Your efforts are highly appreciated. Congratulations ”

Siddh Nahar

“Awesome fabulous event. Ultimate costume seamless management everything went so smooth _ not even a single kid cried or got scared that level of confidence the teacher gave to our kids _ A beautifully executed function_. efforts gave its fruit thanks to class teachers and all the staff management, everyone.. We owe you ”

Ritika Chajed

“Choosing PGKM School for my child was one of the best decisions I've made as a parent. The school's commitment to nurturing both academic and personal growth is evident in its modern facilities and dedicated staff. The caring and supportive atmosphere has made a significant impact on my child's overall development. ”

Mohit Shah

“PGKM School has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The well-maintained facilities, coupled with a team of experienced and passionate educators, have created a conducive learning environment. The school's commitment to holistic education ensures that students not only excel academically but also develop essential life skills. ”

Rohit Deshmukh

“I am grateful for the positive impact PGKM School has had on my child's education. The school's facilities, including spacious classrooms and advanced technology, have played a crucial role in fostering a love for learning. The dedicated and approachable staff make PGKM School stand out as an institution that prioritizes both academic excellence and student well-being. ”

Rajesh Jain
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